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Wolf's Rain Icons

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>>Welcome to the Wolf's Rain Icons Community! The FIRST LiveJournal community for Wolf's Rain and wolf related icons!

1) All icons and banners must be Wolf's Rain related. Or, if not Wolf's Rain, at least keep it to the subject of wolves. Any entries containing icons pertaining to other animes, unless included with WR icons, will be deleted.

2) No posting fanart icons without permission from the artists. If you have fan-art icons in your batch please only post the non-fanart icons directly to wolfsrain_icons. Do not include the fan-art. The only exeption to this rule is if it's a doujinshi scan that is used for the base of your icon. If this is the case, then you must credit the group/person who made the doujin. If you break this rule your post will be deleted, if you repost, you will be banned. We do not, under any circumstances, support art theft. If we catch someone trying to get around this by asking about fan-art icons they're using in comments, they will be instantly banned.

-- 2b) This applies to any seriously edited or combined images, such as wallpapers. Resizing takes little work, but image editing and combining multiple images takes a lot of work and a great deal of time. Please respect those people who put the time in to make those great images and wallpapers by giving them credit and asking permission before use.

-- 2c) I thought this was self-evident, but aparently it's not; please only your own work. If you are sharing some icons made for you by someone else, then only do so WITH permission. They did the work, they should decide if they get shared or not.

3) If bases come from one of the final four episodes, then put a spoiler warning and a LJ-cut. not everyone caught the ending this time around so be nice and don't spoil anything for them.

4) Keep the number of icons not behind a LJ-cut minimal for the courtesy of people with 56 K connections. All banners should be placed under a cut as well.

5) If you have a general icon request, such as "I'm looking for icons/animated icons of such-and-such character(s)" PLEASE look around the community for yourself before you post that question, and if/when you post it tell how many pages you went back. If you do not do this, or there are obviously icons that fit what you requested in the space you said you looked that post will be deleted. This is put effect to reduce unnecessary posts.

6) This is not a discussion journal. Unless it involves icons, icon requests, friends only banners, friends only banner requests etc it doesn't belong here. If you have a question about the series or want to pimp out a link to your own community/website/whatever, there are communities like wolfsrain, fan_wolfsrain, and wryaoi. Feel free to visit those communities and involve yourself in WR discussion. If they do not suit your needs, find another Comm or create your own.

-- 6b) This is also not a plugging journal. Tf you feel you MUST plug something here ask a mod, or, better yet, the community's creator, silvernyte.

7) Please, no "Hi, I'm new here!" posts unless accompanied by icons or an icon request. These intro posts could potentially clutter up the community (they're also annoying as all hell).

8) Be respectful. Regardless of if a person is a member or a moderator, please heed to this. Also, if a moderator asks about something in your post, be respectful and reply about it. This is an icons community, and there should be no reason for arguement. Breaking of this rule will result in three warnings. Three strikes and you're out, baby.

9) No linking to anything on Lioncrusher's site for icon requests. Why? For one thing, if you link to it you get sent to the mainpage of the site. This happens even if you copy it into the addy bar on your browser. That Lioncrusher has it set up thus shows they want to keep their bandwidth safe. It also is annoying to try and figure out what image someone is talking about in a post. any post from here on requesting an icon and linking to a screenshot on Lioncrusher's site will be deleted.

10) Please post only useable icons (100x100 pixels or less and of a size useable in either LiveJournal (40k) or GreatestJournal (60k) and banners. also, please don't delete another's reply in your post. Feel free to delete your own replies, but be nice and don't delete others. If someone harasses you in a reply, contact the creator or a mod and they will handle it as they see fit.

-unless it says otherwise, like with rule 2, you get three strikes then you're out.-

If anyone has any questions, feel free to check out the FAQs posts in the community's memories section.

>>This community was created by silvernyte, and Moderated by yukiryu &dust_and_dreams.

>>Affilated with: wolfsrainawards

>>this community supports OFP